Makeup Artist: Natalee Fisher @nataleefishermakeupandhair

Hair Stylist: Bex Brent at Willis York @willisyork

Model: Kathryn Arand at Unique Model Management @uniquemodelmanagement

Photography: David James @marlborough_lights

Its not what you look at that matters, its what you see.


Make up artist, Natalee Fisher and I had been throwing ideas at each other for a shoot we wanted to do that blurred the lines between beauty and art. It was while I was mindlessly staring at this piece of artwork by Aiden Coventy that the image became clear to me. Don’t you love it when inspiration strikes like that! We knew the only person who would be able to capture it would be David James, and we chose one of his favorite new faces Kathryn to bring it to life.


Our images explore beauty as adaptation. Subtle selection processes at work beneath the

popular perception (and expression) of beauty also coincide with greater uniformity.

However, as thoughtful agents we often loudly, or even just customarily make claims for our

own individuality (and even independence) in a trend forecasted world of style orthodoxy.

Our subject is blended into a background and almost cloaked in the disorder of her own

environment. She is lost in the conditions of her own uniqueness and sameness. - David James.


Natalee (our MUA) was inspired to use water colours in her toolkit alongside a new

biodegradable glitter (Minimal Glitter) range. The challenge with mixing mediums and crafts

– being both a MUA while using a face as your canvas to create an artwork – is the time

constraints for application - working without a pause, and with a looming deadline. Natalee

took an abstract expressionist approach by choosing not to work with a predefined plan or

design. Natalee only had a conceptual brief to work to. The inspiration and final product

occurred in the moment and in real time.

The hair had to follow the brush strokes in the painting, so Bex crimped the roots (the old school way), dusted it with texture spray and then just organically placed it. Knowing that it would be unable to be moved during the shoot due to the nature of the make up. How she loves to work - unfussy, strong and simple. Communication between the artists is vital in shoots like this - check in with each other constantly.


“A powerful reaction one way or another is infinitely preferable to pleasing everybody,” -- Natalee Fisher