The Man with Big Hair

The Man With The Big Hair

Created by Olivia Cottis and Daniel James Cooke




@open.studios We were blessed to secure OpenStudios thanks to Jessie Wong. OpenStudios is such a beautiful and inspiring space that was perfect for our needs and really helped our idea become a reality. 

@worldbrandinnz We wanted to pursue World to be a part of this shoot due to their garments giving us huge inspiration. After getting in contact with their team, they were just as excited to help us out and provided us with the beautiful pieces. They added luxury to the looks and elevated the photos to the next level.

@kirstybunnymanagement @max.mcm Kirsty Bunny Management is a long-time friend of Willis York. Finding a model with her management was a easy task. As soon as Daniel and I found a photo of Max McMeiken we knew he would fit perfectly for our shoot. He was a pleasure to work with.

@amanda.makeupartistry We wanted Max to look masculine but didn’t want to restrict the artist too much. Amanda Kisona, (make up tutor at Te Auaha) was able to take our undeveloped ideas and create a striking, complimentary look.

@marlborough_lights We cannot speak highly enough of David James who stepped in with less than a week’s notice after other plans fell through. We really felt David transformed this shoot from individual pieces to a believable story. Watching David work is a lot of fun and he has a very effective way of getting the most out of his models.


The Plan

Myself and Daniel teamed up and started to search for inspiration. We originally were set on the idea of dark, edgy, wet hair with a slightly intimidating feel. After exploring inspiration, seeing more of World’s collection, teaming up with make-up artist Amanda Kisona, photographer David James and seeing their ideas, we started to see our shoot in another light and move in a different direction. We were inspired by World’s collection and really started to explore 70’s vibes, with bigger hair and a fluffier texture. We knew this would move us in a `fun’ direction however it was important for us to maintain the edge and commanding feel we initially planned for.

scan for shoot.jpg


This ended up being the dream team! This shoot had such a relaxing atmosphere because everybody was legitimately creating purely for the love of it. The same way our ideas developed over the planning stage, the mood of the images developed throughout the day. This was hugely influenced by the music playing while we shot. Greta Van Fleet, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix led the way and the team responded by producing these amazing images.

A massive thank you again to the whole team and to Willis York for pushing us to create just to create. To see more of these images you can find them on our Instagram pages.

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