Heavy Dew

Heavy Dew

Created by Rebecca Button and Connor Tervoort-McLeod



@okewarainwear After seeing Okewa appear on TVNZ’s Breakfast talking about their latest collection of coats made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, we were very interested in working with them for our shoot and helping to spread the message surrounding recycling and the reduction of plastic waste.  We contacted them and they were very happy to provide us with their beautiful garments for our shoot.  Working with them was a pleasure.

@kirstybunnymanagement @freya.priest In terms of a model, we were wanting somebody that shared the values of protecting the environment and could relate to the message Okewa are displaying through their collection.  Kirsty Bunny Management is a friend of Willis York and we have worked with Freya in the past and knew she would fit this shoot perfectly. 

@darchull In terms of make-up, we were wanting a simple but striking look but were unsure exactly how to achieve this.  With Daria’s help, we were able to create a sharp look that suited the garments and completed our look.  Without her help we would not have been able to capture the intensity in the images that we desired.

@tainerasmussen Taine helped us immensely through the process of our shoot.  After showing him our mood board, he was able to capture the feeling we wanted from the shoot and really made the images he shot come to life.  He has a great eye for fantastic images and could spot great places to capture and how to capture them in a very breath-taking way. Shooting with him was very easy and laid back, making the whole shoot run very smoothly.



When searching for inspiration for this shoot, we wanted to create something different and find a team that inspired and expressed a message.  Okewa fit this perfectly with their new range of recycled rainwear, and from there, choosing Freya as our model was an obvious choice.  We chose the Botanical Gardens as our shoot location as we wanted somewhere natural and beautiful to keep in line with the themes of our shoot.  In regards to the hair, we initially wanted to have quite a wet, edgy look.  Even through to shoot day we had this in mind.  We had planned to shoot a few shots at the salon with dry hair and then move on to the botanical gardens and restyle it into the wet look, but once we arrived there, the dry sharp look fit the scene so well that we decided to run with it.

Working photos.jpg


This shoot flowed so fluidly thanks to the perfect team that worked towards it.  Everyone’s ideas and skills melded precisely in a relaxed form.  Working outside in the elements really brought this shoots alive with the stunning sounds and sights of nature, it made us realise that we do what we do for the love of executing beautiful work. We couldn’t be more grateful for what Okewa has created and hope it inspires others to follow suit.  One step in the right direction for the future.

Thank you to everybody who has helped us create these beautiful images and to Bex Brent for pushing us to work as a team and to endorse our own brands and community.  Thanks to Wellington for being a cool capital!!  Visit our Instagrams for more images.

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