Minimal 54


Minimal 54


Featuring Minimal Glitter

Hair and Styling Henare and Ellie


Make Up - Kate Boyd, a long-time friend of Willis York was the perfect choice for a MUA thanks to her eye for detail.  She took our brief and brought it to life better than we could’ve dreamed.

Photographer -  We wanted our images to shine and knew Bex McGill’s energetic and free spirited attitude would help us get the perfect shots.    

Models - We used Willis York’s go-to model agency, Kirsty Bunny Management and she helped us once again to find the perfect models.  Harriet and Charlotte were a pleasure to work with.


While brainstorming ideas we found that we were both drawn to Cher’s iconic sequin looks at Studio 54, so this became our inspiration! Our concept was an over the top glitter vibe throughout the styling and make up. We wanted to do a modern twist on the golden days of Disco Night Clubs.  Minimal glitter was the perfect product for us to work with; this biodegradable, highly reflective glitter was ideal for our desired look and so fun to play with!

How we worked together.

 We were paired together as we are both creative in similar ways but Henare has a lot of editorial experience which balances out the little experience Ellie has.  We had a few hiccups along the way and this experience taught us a lot about time management and working under pressure.  Our strengths worked well together and we were stoked with our final images.  We came up with the concept together and made sure our ideas were cohesive then we did one model each.



Henare:  For my model I really wanted massive blonde hair but she naturally had beautiful medium length hair.  I decided to wig wrap her hair then used around 30 old extensions and clipped them on row by row then disguised them with a clip on fringe.  I waved the hair to bring it all together for a current version of late 70’s big hair.


Ellie:  I wanted to have a nod to the big texture of the late 70s/early 80s, with wild texture in the fringe and an dramatic side part, I added a modern contrast with smooth ends, charlotte’s pre-existing blonde streak added an extra pop of the modern feels.


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Behind The Scenes


Thank you to Willis York, and everyone involved in helping us make our concept come to life! We couldn’t have done it without you.